January 4th
16daisies-deactivated20120406 asked: hey, sorry this is a bit weird but i used to have a blog but i deleted and i just started again. do you have any good blogs for me to follow? thank you! xx

No, no, no. It’s not weird at all! I recently remade also, so I completely understand. Here are some blogs I thoroughly enjoy:

  • ginger-sn4p
  • boomer-ang
  • whal3bones
  • 16brooms
  • our-window*
  • hazeltonss
  • 19-bears
  • volaxis
  • jesus-just*
  • 17koalas*
  • inc0nspicu0us
  • 4kingdoms
  • 19redbirds*
The bolded are some of my favorites, and the *ed ones are people who have both a beautiful blog and a beautiful heart.

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